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Caregivers need to be heard, to share their stories, and to express their feelings among their peers and regain the joy and soul of caregiving.

The Soul of Caregiving engages the reader to reflect on his or her experiences through reading and journaling. Speaking engagements and presentations create an invitation for caregivers to listen and explore their experiences. Coaching recognizes the need of the caregiver to seek help overcoming the societal norm that one has to do it all themselves.

You are not alone, there is help. Explore my website and/or contact me.

"Ed's genius as an author is his usage of extremely rich personal examples, documented research and highly motivating, clear, and compassionate language to enlighten and to educate his “Wounded Healers." He delivers his readers the gift of “Soulfulness," a gift if embraced and practiced will lead us and our clients to peace and well-being. Outstanding! Five Stars!!!"

— William Devine, MA Director of Graduate Admissions, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY (Retired)

"The Caregiver is an essential archetype in human life. None of us would be alive if no one cared for us as a child, and life without mutual giving is joyless. Yet, Caregivers today are often undervalued and underpaid. Edward Smink's book, The Soul of Caregiving, not only provides an inspiring guide to practicing generosity, it also restores the honor and respect caregiving deserves. I highly recommend this book to those who care for others and those who would if they learned to respect loving service."

— Carol S. Pearson, Author of Awakening the Heroes within: 12 Archetypes to Find Ourselves and Transform Our World

"The Soul of Caregiving is the perfect companion for the road that we as caregivers are called to take that of the person who accompanies a person who suffers. Accompaniment is a sacred calling, and one that requires us as caregivers to reflect on our own woundedness, our deeply held values, and our call to love those we serve. Ed's work engages and challenges us to dare to move deeper into presence, both to ourselves and to others."

— Christina Puchalski, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, Professor of Medicine and Health Science, Director of The George Washington University's Institute for Spirituality and Health (GWISH), Author of Time for Listening and Caring: Making Healthcare Whole, Textbook in Spirituality and Health

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