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The Caregivers Path to Soul Care and Self-Healing Health care is a spiritual practice. Being wounded means not having all of the answers. Compassion fatigue has to do with something we love to do. 🎧 Audio  podcast, soul care, compassion fatigue, self-healing
Danger: Caregiving is Hazardous to your Health! Caregivers experience Compassion Fatigue because they care!
🎧 Audio
podcast, burnout, compassion fatigue
Caregivers Grieve Too! Part 1 As Caregivers support grieving patients and families, they also grieve too.  Bereavement, Stages of Loss
Caregivers Grieve Too Part 2 The four stages of grief outlined by Dr. William Woodson grief, loss, hardship
The Ageless Myths of Santa Claus (Part 1) Yes, the magic can continue and children can wonder again in this miracle of Christmas. parents, children, family
The Ageless Myths of Santa Claus (Part 2) Yes, there is a Santa Claus parents, children, family
Memory Care & Self-care What is the best single thing you can say or do for a caregiver taking care of someone with dementia or mental illness? self-care, memory loss, dementia
Compassion Fatigue 
(Panel Discussion)
Panel Discussion: Taking Care of the Ones Who Take Care of Us: Strategies for Coping with Compassion Fatigue Burnout, Self-care, Compassion Resilience
Compassion Fatigue Video: The Hidden Cost of Caregiving and Self Care Self-care, Caregiving Resistance, Emotions, Symptoms
The Importance of Self Care Video: Self Care is the Antidote in Overcoming Compassion Fatigue Self-care, Compassion Resilience, Cultural Taboos
What Have I Done to Deserve This? Are the Gods or God Punishing Me? Video from the 2021
Fates & Graces Mythologium Conference
Mythology, Taboos
Radio Interview
Interview with Dave Congalton in San Luis Obispo Author Interview
Revised Edition Q&A
Video: Official Book Launch - A Virtual Book Signing & Talk (with special guest Aaron Blight, Ed.D - author of When Caregiving Calls) Book Launch
Presented at the Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference (Feb-22) in Phoenix, Arizona.  Three Cultural Taboos that Prevent Caregivers from Developing Skills of Self-care Self-care, Soul-care, taboos, resilience

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